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Welcome to Stories of Care and Control: A Timeline of the Medical Industrial Complex. This is a tool designed to understand the histories of medical experimentation, scientific racism, racial capitalism, and ableism as some of the many forces shaping the conditions and evolution of health care within the United States. These forces have crafted ideologies, structures, and strategies that rely on the exploitation of bodies, lands, and healing traditions to generate profit and establish systems of surveillance and control. Stories of Care and Control also maps the resistance of grassroots healers, health practitioners, and organizers working both inside and outside the Medical Industrial Complex towards transformative futures that center collective care and safety. This timeline represents over ten years of research and thought and has been curated through the work of community historians, archivists and researchers, health and healing practitioners, community organizers, and designers rooted in abolition. We offer this in the service of our collective liberation, healing, and transformation. 

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