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The timeline can be navigated with the “Scroll Left” and “Scroll Right” buttons or by dragging the pointer to a date on the timeline waveform (located at the bottom of the screen on the desktop version and on the left of the screen on mobile). To filter by a particular topic and see a smaller section of the data, make a selection on the dropdown “Filters” menu or click “Search” to do a keyword search. Hover over the abbreviated filter tags in the blue boxes to see the complete name of the filter, or click a filter to display all the data with this tag. If you want to take a deeper dive into a specific topic by viewing a narrative essay page and a curated timeline, click on “Stories.”

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An Epidaurean orphan named Callon receives genital surgery and changes their public gender identity.

Date: 100s BCE


A person with the given name "Callo" receives surgery on their genitalia, then changes their name to Callon and takes on a male identity post-surgery. This surgery is documented by Diodorus Siculus, a Roman scholar.