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The Young Lords take over Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, New York.

Date: 1970


Lincoln Hospital is known to be one of the worst hospitals in New York City. The Young Lords take it over to ensure care for their communities. At the time they seize the building, it is literally falling apart, yet thousands of patients who can only access this hospital are still recieving treatment there. Many children get lead poisoning while being hospitalized at Lincoln. It is known as the "butcher shop," with rats frequently found in the emergency room.

The Young Lords take over the hospital and also liberate X-ray trucks for local families. They avoid arrest by leaving the hospital in lab coats with other doctors, and the police are not able to identify them. This takeover of Lincoln Hospital will lead to "one of the first Patient’s Bill of Rights, changing patients’ relationship with hospitals and doctors nationwide" (Francis-Snyder, 2021).