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The timeline can be navigated with the “Scroll Left” and “Scroll Right” buttons or by dragging the pointer to a date on the timeline waveform (located at the bottom of the screen on the desktop version and on the left of the screen on mobile). To filter by a particular topic and see a smaller section of the data, make a selection on the dropdown “Filters” menu or click “Search” to do a keyword search. Hover over the abbreviated filter tags in the blue boxes to see the complete name of the filter, or click a filter to display all the data with this tag. If you want to take a deeper dive into a specific topic by viewing a narrative essay page and a curated timeline, click on “Stories.”

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Thomas Malthus publishes "An Essay on the Principle of Population."

Date: 1798


English scholar Thomas Malthus builds a theory that overpopulation will cause a rising supply of labor that will inevitably lower wages and cause poverty and hunger, as well as place an economic burden on the ruling class. This theory will go on to form the basis of population control ideology, thereby fueling a racial and religious fervor that blames environmental degradation on the fertility of women of color and attempts to justify the forced sterilizations of Indigenous, Black, and Latinx women to avert the decline of the white "majority."